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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 11 Perfect Love

Jack and Beth visit Beth's friends Annie and Dominic. Beth sees them as the ideal couple whilst Jack is not so sure. They have a daughter Victoria and Dominic lets it slip to Jack an Beth that Annie is expecting again. Will is looking after Tony and Julien for the weekend. They are bored as he is on call. Annie takes Victoria out for the day, she is not comfortable with her and tells Dominic that she doesn't love her. Annie secretly goes to John Reginald and says she wants an abortion. He refuses her one without talking to both she and Dominic. Annie is distraught and stays out all night. Dominic calls Beth who stays with him whilst Annie is missing. When she finally returns home she is wet and speaks nothing of Victoria. Dominic asks her where Victoria is and Annie says she is in the ford. Dominic drives up to the ford but there is no sign of Vicki, just her shoe and a gushing river. When he returns home Beth calms him down and tells him that Victoria is in bed. He doesn't understand

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