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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 8 Life Changes

Will and Sarah continue to struggle with money. Sarah tells Will she's run out of access on their card, he tells her to stop buying so much. Jack and Beth have dinner with their friends from Africa, Angie and Drew. Not long into dinner Angie notices the ring on Beth's finger and Jack and Beth announce that at last the big day is on. Will and Kim stay late at work to sort out the paperwork for the fund holding meeting. After they have completed the report Kim presents Will with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. She says he has worked wonders on getting The Beeches on the road to fundholding. They get involved in a chat about Will's taste in women, he says he shouldn't have always gone for lookers like Sarah, then maybe he would've ended up with someone like Kim - she is flattered. Their relaxed chat is interrupted by Sarah ringing Will's mobile. She has received a letter home from Tony's school about his bad behaviour. Both Sarah and Tony have become angry and in the fall out Sarah gra

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