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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 6 Long Weekend

Jack receives a package. It is a key from his ex-girlfriend Karen. She calls him at the surgery and asks him when he is coming to visit her. Jack says it will be soon. Karen tells Jack that she hasn't been taking her medicine, Jack tells her she must - it's very important that she takes her medication. Beth and Kim go horse riding. Kim can't get the hang of it and spends half of the lesson in one place as she's to scared. Beth introduces her to a slower horse who Kim takes quite a shine to. Jack receives a call from Karen's hospital telling him that the police have brought her in. Jack's number was the only number she would give them. Jack tells Beth that he needs to go to London. She is alarmed that he is leaving at such short notice but he won't tell her why. Jack goes to see Karen. She is huddled under a blanket and shouts at him to leave. Jack goes to see her parents. They thank him for coming down and say they don't expect him to drop everything every time Karen gets sick. They a

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