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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 5 Enemy Within

Chloe goes to see Jack. He is concerned about her - she's not getting any better. The hospital say they will have to change her drugs protocol as the current one isn't working. Jack takes it hard and for a while begins to question the service. Jack treats Matthew Keel; son of Beeches cleaner Sue and her husband Martin. Jack says Matthew has the flu but if his condition worsens Martin should call The Beeches. Sue gives James a hand at The Manor as Chloe is unwell after her treatment. However when Matthew has seizure Sue is called home. Martin calls Kim for help. She explains that Beth is on another call and will be with him as soon as she's finished with that patient. Martin can not wait that long and calls for an ambulance. When they arrive they suspect Matthew has meningitis. Matthew is taken to hospital whilst Martin waits for Beth. When Beth arrives Martin is in a state. She tells him to calm down as they don't yet know for sure whether or not Matthew does have meningitis. He says i

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