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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 3 Love Thy Neighbour

Will and Sarah host a housewarming party. Beth is not happy that Will has invited fundholding advisor Greg Miller and when Sarah tells Greg it's Beth who's holding The Beeches back from going fundholding, Beth makes sure her views on fundholding are made clear. Brian Drake complains to Beth that Jack won't fit him in for a medical even though he needs it for work. Beth asks Jack why he hasn't fit Brian in and Jack explains that he was keeping to the practice policy - non-urgent medicals are carried out in the third Saturday of every month. Chloe is tired and irritable. James tells Jack he thinks something is wrong with her. Chloe goes to see Jack and tells him she has found a lump in her neck. Jack feels it and doesn't think it is anything serious but send Chloe for a biopsy anyway. The biopsy shows that Chloe has Hodgkin's disease - a form of Cancer. Chloe insists that James shouldn't know that she is sick. Jack tells her he will help her beat this illness. Jack is surprised to see Br

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