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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 2 Old Habits

Sarah is upset that she and Will haven't received and invitation to the captains ball. Will assures her that it's probably just stuck in the post. Beth asks Jack if they can meet for supper. He tells her he's not sure what kind of relationship they have anymore. He's confused as to whether they are friends, lovers, what? Beth assures him that nothing's changed and it will just take them a while to get back to where they were before he proposed. Beth battles with Rob Clulow, a friend of The Beeches staff whom, despite a heart condition can't give up smoking. Beth tries to get Mr. Jenkins to operate on Rob but he refuses seeing as how Rob has made no attempt to quite smoking. Jack and Beth are adamant that Rob should have the operation but Will agrees with Jenkins. Rob's son Harry becomes friends with Tony Preston. They both go to the new school. Whilst playing at the wreck Tony and Harry become involved in a fight with some older lads. In no time at all bricks and stones are being hurl

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