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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 1 In Good Faith

Jack and Beth give Will a few days off as he and Sarah are moving house. Beth asks Will how things are going he says he and Sarah are trying to sort out their money troubles, hence the house move. Beth tells Jack she wants to spend the evening alone so that she can catch up with herself. He agrees it's a good idea - he's got a tax form to fill in. No sooner have they arrived home to their separate houses they both get bored and lonely. Beth attempts to call Jack but he beats her to it - arriving on her doorstep with a bottle of wine. She is happy to see him. Trevor is having problems 'performing' and keeps giving Leanda the brush off. She is heartbroken and thinks Trevor doesn't want her anymore. Trevor visits Jack but find it hard to explain the sexual problems he is encountering. He later talks to Will who tells Trevor he is suffering from stress. Beth goes to see Will and hands him a housewarming present. He teases her about she and Jack and tells her he should stop stringing Jack a

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