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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 8 Giddy Heights

Jack and Beth have spent the night together. Beth doesn't want anyone to know about their relationship so she drops Jack off a mile away from The Beeches. Unbeknown to Jack and Beth - Kim sees them and takes great pleasure in dropping little comments about their relationship at work. Jack gives Beth a spare key to his cottage. Jack goes to see Will who is now back at home. Will tells Jack that Sarah can't bare to be around him. Sarah tells Jack she doesn't know what to do or what to say to Will. Jack spends the day with the mountain rescue crew - he is hoping to be accepted as the doctor for their team. Isabel finds Jack's razor in Beth's bathroom and teases her about it. Sarah shouts at Will and tells him their family is falling apart whilst he just sits there. She walks out on him and goes to see Jack. Jack tells Sarah how his dad used to hit his mum until she walked out on them. Jack explains that when his mum left his dad fell apart - she was the stronger one, and Will is stronge

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