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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 7 Listening Skills

Sarah is concerned when the local shopkeeper returns two of her bounced cheques. Will has a meeting with Peter - a drugs rep who Will is performing a drugs trial for in return for cash. He has 25 of The Beeches patients on the trial unbeknown to Jack or Beth. Alice North wants an appointment with Will but Kim can't fit her in. Beth says she'll see her anytime she wants but Alice says no - she has to see Dr Preston. Will tells Sarah about the drugs trial but tell her no-one else knows as Beth doesn't approve of drugs trials. Alice is taken ill whilst bowling. Douglas insists on calling Beth. Beth diagnoses indigestion due to Alice's bad diet of fried food. Alice tells Beth that Will has changed her prescription and that she has to see him every fortnight for tests. Beth tells Will she was called out to see Alice and he says he'll keep an eye on her. Beth asks Will why he hasn't written up Alice's notes, as the appointment book visits doesn't match up with the number of visits on Alice's

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