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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 5 Impulsive Behaviour

During a medical seminar Rhianne annoys Beth by constantly throwing bits of paper at Jack. After the seminar Rhianne asks Jack if he's free for the afternoon. He says he is and Rhianne takes him to a football match on the back of her bike! Rhianne is on call when one of Beth's patients; Hilda is taken ill. Rhianne diagnoses meningitis and sends her to hospital despite protest from Hilda's friends Liz and John. Beth is furious when she finds out and interrupts a drink between Jack and Rhianne to tell Rhianne that Hilda doesn't have meningitis but the flu. Hilda's stiff neck came from a fall and her other symptoms related to a bout of the flu that she had just had. Beth tells Rhianne that if she had listened to Liz and John she would've been able to spare Hilda going into hospital. Over dinner Rhianne tells Jack that she thinks Beth fancies him. Jack denies it and says there is nothing going on between he and Beth. Jack and Rhianne kiss and head for bed but are interrupted by an emergenc

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