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Welcome to the General Electric Theater guide at TV Tome. General Electric Theater featured a mix of romance, comedy, adventure, tragedy, fantasy and variety music. Occupying the Sunday evening spot on CBS following the Toast of the Town/Ed Sullivan Show from 1 February 1953 to 27 May 1962, the General Electric Theater presented top Hollywood and Broadway stars in dramatic roles calculated to deliver company voice advertising to the largest possible audience. The first two seasons of General Electric Theater established the half-hour anthology format of adaptations of popular plays, short stories, novels, magazine fiction and motion pictures. "The Eye of the Beholder," for example, a Hitchcock-like telefilm thriller starring Richard Conte and Martha Vickers, dramatized an artist's relationship with his model from differing, sometimes disturbing psychological perspectives. The addition of Ronald Reagan as program host commencing the third season 26 September 1954 reflecte

Actors: Ronald Reagan, Don Herbert
Season 1
    Episode 6: Trapped  
Season 2
Season 3
    Episode 3: Nora #1  
    Episode 14: Amelia  
    Episode 15: D.P.  
    Episode 25: Clown  
Season 4
    Episode 1: Tryout  
Season 7
Season 9
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