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What is The Jane Wyman Show about?
Genre: Drama Anthology Network: NBC Episodes: 3 Seasons; 92 (34, 34, 24) episodes Broadcast History: 30/Aug/55 - 19/Jun/56 Tuesday: 09:00 - 09:30pm 28/Aug/56 - 25/Jun/57 Tuesday: 09:00 - 09:30pm 26/Sep/57 - 22/May/58 Thursday: 10:30 - 11:00pm This B&W filmed 'drama anthology' features Academy Award winner Jane Wyman (1) as the series hostess introducing each weekly installment, as well as starring in 42 of the 92 (2) episodes. At the end of its' 3 Seasons on NBC The Jane Wyman Show (3) was successfully sold into off-network syndication (4) commencing with the 58-59 Season. Popular in syndication into the 60's, the series had its' widest exposure as a weekday afternoon offering on ABC from 02/Jan/62 to 06/Sep/63. Episodes also re-aired in prime-time on Studio 57 (Synd., 1956-57) and as part of the summer replacement series' Summer Playhouse (NBC, 1957), Buick Adventure Theatre (ABC, 1958), Spotlight Playhouse (CBS, 19

Actors: Jane Wyman

Season 1 of The Jane Wyman Show

    Episode 12: The Key  
    Episode 25: Kirsti  

Season 2 of The Jane Wyman Show

Season 3 of The Jane Wyman Show

    Episode 2: Contact  
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