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Cavalcade Of America was one of the most prestigious dramatic shows of network radio, sponsored for 18 years (1935-1953) by DuPont as a means of enhancing the company's image and bringing great events in American History to an audience of millions. In 1952 DuPont brought the Cavalcade to TV, and the same meticulously accurate stories of American heroes both famous and infamous as well as obscure, in historical periods ranging from colonial days to the Revolution to the early 1900's. In 1955, the format was modified to include comtemporary stories of overcoming adversity and showing courage. For the first season the program was seen every two weeks, alternating with Scott Music Hall. And in 1955 it changed its name to DuPont Cavalcade Theater and again in 1956 to DuPont Theater. An absolute treasure of a show a definite must see for all. *The photo is from the episode, "The Boy Nobody Wanted", starring Johnny Crawford.
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    Episode 23: Escape  
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