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Watch Men Behaving Badly US online: Episode 12 Welcome to JamieCo

Steve thinks it's high time for Jamie to get a job and pay his share of the household expenses. Brenda and Katie are frustrated because they're sure that Bob, the apartment super, is deliberately evading them. They both have repairs that need to be done, but they never see Bob; they just keep finding Post-its on their door saying, ""Sorry I missed you."" Steve gets Jamie a temp job doing data entry at the convention center; he makes sure to have Jamie read the company's policy on sexual harassment. Jamie immediately makes himself far too much at home and becomes instant pals with an amazing number of people; he even makes friends with Timmy, the boss's ten-year-old son who scans all the information he was hired to enter, and Jamie presents Steve with a printout in record time. Katie and Brenda are determined to do whatever it takes to meet Bob face to face. Steve's boss is impressed with Jamie's work and gives him an even bigger project; Jamie is forced to admit he knows absolutely nothi

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