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Watch Men Behaving Badly US online: Episode 11 The Fur Man Cometh

During a photo shoot Jamie liberates a luxurious mink coat that's about to fall into the hands of some protesting fur activists and takes it home. It's Katie's birthday, and she's not thrilled with the book of ""1001 German Jokes"" that Steve has given her, Jamie gives Steve the fur coat to give her instead. Brenda is appalled when she sees the coat; helpless animals being killed in the name of fashion is horrifying. Steve admits he didn't know the animals died; he thought they were shaved. Katie says she can't accept the coat until she puts it on and instantly feels like a sexy forties movie queen; then, Steve later tells Jamie, they have terrific sex on top of the coat. Jamie is beaten up by a neighborhood gang. Jamie tries on the coat, adds a fedora and goes out; he quickly realizes that when he's wearing the coat he gets respect on the street. For the sake of his sex life, Steve is desperate to get the coat back; the guys fight, and Steve gets the coat briefly until Jamie reclaims it

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