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Someone is making a bomb. Santana is about to take a bath when she spots Mason. Naturally, Santana becomes upset and gets Mason to leave. Kelly sees Joe, and Peter notices how if affects her. He thinks something should be done about Joe. C.C. arrives with two thugs, and Joe gets thrown into the water. Thanks to a carrier pigeon, Ted receives a note from Danny and learns that Danny wants to go to Hollywood. Jade pays a visit to the restaurant Danny is working. They start to talk about showbusiness, and Danny agrees to help Jade. Augusta is at the restaurant with her two children, Laken and Warren. She's angry with Laken because she now knows that Ted was in her daughter's room. Feeling betrayed, Augusta informs Laken that she's grounded. Rosa is worried about Santana, who explains that something inside of her boiled over when Joe Perkins got out of prison. Santana wants to get her baby back. ""I have to know that he's alright,"" she insists, ""that he's happy, that he's well. It's as clear

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