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Mason tells Santana that two people saw her with the gun yesterday. He reminds Santana that she had no permit to carry the gun. ""I'm here to help,"" Mason smiles. Santana doesn't trust Mason at all and decides to talk to a lawyer friend. Rosa feels betrayed by C.C. and decides to confront him. She wants to know what happened to Santana's child. C.C. claims he doesn't know and denies that he forced Santana to give up her baby. Rosa thought C.C. trusted her. After all, she started working for C.C. twenty years ago and mothered his children when his wife passed away. C.C. explains to Rosa that he had dreams for Channing and imagined that one day maybe Channing might even be president. ""My son came to me,"" C.C. says, ""he was eightteen years old. He told me that he was in love with Santana and that she was pregnant. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to quit school, go to work and marry her."" C.C. is certain that Channing and Santana were totally unprepared for the responsibility of having a

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