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It's obvious to Peter that Kelly is thinking about Joe Perkins. Joe gets off the bus and is reunited with his mother, Marisa, and his sister, Jade. The mysterious woman growls, ""Damn! He's back."" Joe is disappointed because his father didn't show up. Marisa is happy to have her Joey back. When Rosa Andrade gets the gun away from Santana, the gun falls to the floor. Mason Capwell puts his foot on the gun, preventing Santana from picking it up. Mason asks Santana why she brought the gun to the bus station. Santana admits that she thought about shooting Joe, but adds that she couldn't have done it. She then starts to cry, and Mason comforts her. Later, Rosa asks Santana why she wanted to kill Joe Perkins. She remembers that Santana was once in love with Channing, but has never seen Santana like this. Amidst tears, Santana confesses to a shocked Rosa that she got pregnant with Channing's child. Santana reminds Rosa that C.C. Capwell arranged for Santana to have a summer job in Acapulco. Th

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