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Watch Perils of Penelope Pitstop online: Episode 11 Tall Timber Treachery

The Bully Brothers kidnap her from inside a forest. In one peril she is tied to a log and sent on a stream to go over the side of a waterfall. In a second one she is dangling above a pit of alligators. And in another she is suspended by a rope inside a cave about to fall dozens of feet to her doom. On board a train, Penelope finds herself being chased and then trapped in one of the train compartments. Tied up to the wall, she helplessly watches while the compartment is fast filling up with water. Afraid she will perish by drowning, she soon finds a way to escape. She slips off one of her long, white boots and hits the lever so the water stops. Some pretty narrow escapes this time, but she makes it.

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