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Watch Perils of Penelope Pitstop online: Episode 8 The Diabolical Department Store Danger

When Penelope goes to a department store to attend a fashion show she finds herself in all kinds of trouble. Trapped inside an elevator that goes out of control, she nearly gets crushed, but likely her worst peril is when she is tied up and pinned to a slide with a lawn mower precariously tied above her which threatens to come mowing her down. And, if the little choo choo train cuts the string that is attached to the lawn mower then it will come down on her. The Ant Hill Mob make it there to help her, but she ends up going out through a window, subsequently getting caught by the hook of a crane. It's operated by the Hooded Claw who begins to swing her into a pile driver at a construction site next to the store. After a few close calls she swings to an open window of the Pitstop Department Store and gets a beachball. She pops it, using the air jet to escape. Then, back in the store, she is sent waterskiing with her hands tied to the tow bar of a pilotless speedboat. She goes through t

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