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Watch Gumby Adventures online: Episode 29 Space Oddity (Part One) / To Bee or Not to Bee / Space Oddity (Part Two)

Space Oddity (Part One): The Blockheads are having some harmless fun with their giant crossbow one day when they notice Gumby, Pokey, and Minga walking into a planetarium on the page of some book. Being the thoughtful lads they are, they decide to enhance the experience by cutting out the page, tying it to an arrow, and shooting it into an outer space book. When Prickle and Goo show up to pick them up, they find the page missing and begin to investigate. After interrogating a parrot puppet and a doll, they piece the whole story together and decide to get Professor Kapp's help. Meanwhile, the star show at the planetarium is over, which it is very important that we know before the cartoon ends. To Bee or Not to Bee: The Groobee's cousins, the honey bees, need desperate help! Gumby shrinks himself and follows them to the hive to find that all of the bees are getting sick. They go investigate the orchard where the bees have been collecting pollen (and certainly not nectar, as one would readily assume), and wouldn't you know it, it's the Blockheads' orchard, and they've been spraying it with illegal pesticides. The Groobee tries to box them in, but their mighty tractor is more than a match for his weak, weak wood. So, they go visit Groobee's brother, Ironbee, who produces metal boxes to imprison the Blockheads. Space Oddity (Part Two): Xena the queen witch comes across the rogue page while flying through space (don't ask) and decides to bring it aboard. Gumby, Pokey, and Minga escape from the page, only to be imprisoned by the witch. Meanwhile, Prickle, Goo, and Professor Kapp seek help from the Witty Witch (from Witch Way), who spends a minute rubbing the limitations of science into everyone's faces before finding Xena. They invade Xena's ship, turn her and her henchman into pumpkins, and rescue the lost clay figures.

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