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Watch Gumby Adventures online: Episode 22 Moving Experience / Gumby's Close Encounters / Flying Carpet

Moving Experience: Gumby's family is moving to a new house, seeing as how they have an afternoon and nothing better to do. Unfortunately, they hire the Blockheads as their furniture movers and, as one would expect, G and J spend the entire cartoon destroying everything Gumby's family holds dear as the furniture makes its way into their van, even going so far as to crash their van into the front of the new house and dump everything out on the front lawn. Art Clokey can't write his way out of this mess, so it turns out that it was just Gumby's mom's nightmare. Gumby's Close Encounters: One day, while driving through the country with his friends, Gumby finds himself to be the victim of a horrible abduction by aliens, who need his strong genes to rebuild their race. Unfortunately, Gumby isn't in a very charitable mood, and demands that the aliens give him the ultimate fuel source in exchange for his tissue sample. Since he's in no position to be making demands, the aliens agree and arrange to drop off an ultimate fuel source kit at Kapp's lab. Gumby and friends drive to the rendezvous point, stopping to tell two gas station attendants (the Blockheads) about how they're going to have the ultimate fuel source and that gas will soon be obsolete. So it's really their own fault that the Blockheads follow them to the lab and try to swipe the device when Kapp is distracted. Fortunately, the aliens have the technology to avoid pointless chase scenes by mentally taking the device out of their arms and flying it back to the lab. Kapp hooks it up to Granny's car and steals it. Flying Carpet: The Blockheads, via an evil Cyclopic robot car salesman, convince Granny to spend yet another life savings on a car which lives up to its 10 mile warranty. Gumby and friends return with her to the salesman and demand her money back. The robot assures them that a refund is on its way, and in the meantime, invites them to test-drive a flying carpet in hopes that a ride on the defective carpet will kill them, eliminating the need for a refund. Unfortunately, only Gumby and Prickle fall for the scheme, and they manage to survive by landing in a swimming pool, so the Blockheads decide to strip and make a break for it. They try to fly off on one of their own defective carpets, and what do you know, they're captured and Granny gets her live savings back again.

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