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Watch Gumby Adventures online: Episode 14 Strange Circus Animals / A Gumby Day / A Cottage for Granny

Strange Circus Animals: Gumby really wants to put on a circus, so the minute he comes across a good excuse (it'll be a benefit to help locate missing children), he and his friends are off to various books to capture some circus animals. The action focuses on Gumby and Pokey, who find a little newly-orphaned mastodon named Denali. Reeling the poor distraught dope in with stories of joy and happiness at the circus, they have a brief encounter with a wolf before returning to the farm with him. Goo and Prickle have captured a small dinosaur and a walrus. Gumby laughs hysterically, and there's no circus. Maybe this sets the stage for Gumby's Circus. A Gumby Day: Yes, it's a day in the life of Gumby. Gumby's day starts with some abuse from the most annoying cuckoo clock in the world. Next, it's a hot shower, followed by getting melted and flushed down the drain. Emerging from the kitchen sink, it's time for a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and carob drink. Yummy! Then, after fighting off the early morning traffic (literally; he's attacked by toy cars), it's off to the farm to train Denali for the circus and pick some vegetables for dinner. Laugh with him as Pokey holds up a bucket for Denali to spit ice cubes into and Denali repeatedly banks them off Pokey's face. Then, it's home for dinner with the family. A Cottage for Granny: Gumby's grandmother stops by the farm to pick up Gumby, who's supposed to help her go house hunting. He's out, so she decides to go alone, largely despite the fact that her glasses got smashed during her visit and she can't see a thing. It's a perilous journey to her prospective new home, as her near-blindness puts her in several near-fatal situations, and it's really funny! She buys a new house from the Blockheads (just when are people going to learn not to deal with those two?), and Gumby arrives moments later to find out she bought a false front with a view to a landfill. They get Granny's money back from the Blockheads, and Granny promises to be a good little helpless senior citizen and never do anything by herself ever again.

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