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Watch Gumby Adventures online: Episode 4 Gumbot / Guitar Magic / Gumbitty Doo Dah

Gumbot: Gumby has been horribly abducted! A red helicopter snatches Gumby up and takes him to an evil robotics company, where the Blockheads brainwash him by making him look at flashing lights. Along with the other three or four brainwashed clay figures, he's forced to work for the evil robotics company, as evidenced by the way he jabs a screwdriver at a circuit board. Fortunately, Pokey saw the helicopter take Gumby, and even more fortunately, the Blockheads leave it parked on top of the building where they're keeping Gumby. The Blockheads are vaguely defeated, and Goo undoes Gumby's brainwashing by crying all over him. I guess the other clay figures are still working for the evil robotics company. Guitar Magic: Gumby's reckless skateboard stunts have finally paid off. After smashing up a guitar store a book about 17th century Spanish guitars, he's forced to accept a magical guitar that makes you fly around. It'll be a nice act for his next concert, once he's had it repaired. One of the Blockheads impersonates the repairman, and of course, Goo doesn't recognize him, what with how he's wearing a fake mustache and all, so she gives him the guitar. When she realizes she's been duped, Gumby and friends chase the Blockheads into a field, where they get caught in a hay thresher/baler. We end with Gumby's concert, where Gumby flies away with the guitar and is ultimately stuck on some sort of spinning blade thingy. Gumbitty Doo Dah: There's no real "story" in this one. It feels like a stream of consciousness; events happen with no real connection between them. One of the Blockheads molds himself into Gumby as part of a plot to steal Prickle's ball. Unfortunately, there's an alien in the ball, and it frightens the Blockheads away. Gumby's so happy about the turn of events that he rides on a toy top until it flings him off, into the clutches of a two-headed ogre. After frightening the ogre away, Gumby goes to play dress-up with Prickle. He dresses up as Eddie Murphy and a disturbing clown before going to spy on the Blockheads, who have a treasure map. The treasure chest they find contains Gumby, who gives them buttons to wear that have the peace sign printed on them. Gumby runs into Pokey and a paint set, and together they paint a large "The End" picture on the floor.

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