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Welcome to the Wishbone guide at TV Tome. Wishbone is about a little dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) with a BIG imagination. A very popular and award winning show in the mid-1990's, it encouraged children to read by alternating the main storyline of the show with a classic novel/play/short story with a parallel premise. Wishbone included catchy music and a memorable theme song: What's the story, Wishbone?
Do you think it's worth a look?
It kind of seems familiar
Like a story from a book What's the story, Wishbone?
What's this you're dreaming of?
Such big imagination on such a little pup. Shake a leg now, Wishbone
Let's wag another tale
Sniffin' out adventure
With Wishbone on the trail Come on, Wishbone
What's the story, Wishbone?
What's the story, Wishbone?

Actors: Melissa Archer, Amy Acker, Jeanne Simpson, Sally Nystuen, Soccer the Dog, Randy Moore, Mateo Zeske, Alex Allen Morris, Krystelle Petersen, Monet A. Chandler, Jazmine McGill, Angee Hughes, Larry Brantley, Jordan Wall, Kathleen McClaine, Joe Nemmers, Cliff Stephens, Darl
Season 1
    Episode 7: Cyranose  
Season 2
    Episode 7: Moonbone  
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