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What is The Mole (Australia) about?
The Mole has now had five seasons of its Australian version, with the latter two taking place overseas in New Caledonia and New Zealand respectively. It is a reality television program with a twist. Not only does it not contain a public vote, but one of the 'contestents' on the show is trying to do everything in his or her power to prevent the others from winning the money on offer. It is up to the real contestents to work out who this person is, and the one who knows the least about their identity, as calculated through a computer quiz, is eliminated from the show. But who is this traitor? Who is the saboteur? Who is the mole? The Mole was hosted by actor Grant Bowler for the first four seasons. However, he was unable to host the fifth season, and The Great Outdoors presenter Tom Williams was brought in as host. There is a rumoured sixth season that may go into production, that may see Grant Bowler returning as host. This series is also rumoured to be an All-Stars series, featuring the top players from each season.

Actors: Grant Bowler, Ben Taylor, Rocky Warren, Josephine Pennicott, Patrick Fogarty, Pete Moore, Joe Ballota, Beverly Rilatt Richardson, James Pouloudis, Marc Hongebloed, Robert Young, John Edwards, Ann-Maree Weaver, Alaina Taylor, Thao Nguyen, Crystal-Rose Cluff,
Genre: Reality

Season 1 of The Mole (Australia)

Season 2 of The Mole (Australia)

Season 3 of The Mole (Australia)

Season 4 of The Mole (Australia)

Season 5 of The Mole (Australia)

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