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Welcome to the Road Hammers guide at TV Tome. Each 30-minute episode of The Road Hammers follows Jason McCoy as he works to recruit a band, record an album and finally, as he performs with his new band at their first live concert. Through unrestricted access, all of the band's struggles and successes are captured as Jason's dream becomes a reality. Band members Clayton Bellamy and Chris Byrne join Jason on the ride of a lifetime, as they perform trucking classics and new original songs. "I am really pumped about the whole project," said McCoy. "It gives viewers a chance to really experience what it takes to launch a new band and album. Having the opportunity to work with CMT and capture the whole process has been amazing." Produced by Petros Danabassis and directed by award-winning filmmaker Joel Stewart.

Actors: Clayton Bellamy, Chris Byrne, Jason McCoy
Season 1
    Episode 3: Ears On  
    Episode 6: Delivery  
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