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Welcome to the Time Squad guide at TV Tome.
Time Squad is one of Cartoon Network's original animated series and is part of the collection known as Cartoon Cartoons.
First Telecast: June 8, 2001
Last Telecast: April 18, 2003
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We start every episode in a satellite that orbits the earth in the year 100 million. Buff time cop, Buck Tuddrussel; cranky, yet sophisticated robot, the Larry 3000; and 8-year-old orphan boy, Otto Osworth; three of the most unlikely characters to become a trio join together in that satellite to go on whatever mission through history they get, to make sure everything happens the right way, while making it through mishaps on the satellite in between missions. They go though it all: from Eli Whitney's flesh eating robots to the accidental downgrade of Larry, but they're always ready for the sudden blaze of the History Instability Alarm and they'll do anything to "enforce the past

Actors: Mark Hamill, Rob Paulsen, Pamela Segall
Season 1
    Episode : Nutorious  
Season 2
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