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Watch Figure It Out online: Episode 19 Show #19

Panel: Mike, Josh, Danny, Lori Beth Secret #1- Member of African stilt dancing group Round one: words: ""member"" ""group"" clue: salsa dancer words: ""dancer"" Secret Slime Action #1- Wearing orange Round 2: slime: Mike clue: a zebra, lion, tiger, and giraffe words: none Round 3: words: ""African"" clue: charade brigae walking on stilts What was figured out: Member of African ____ Dancing Group Secret #2- Spaghetti bridge builder Round 1: clue: Construction worker's hat words: ""builder"" Secret Slime Action #2- The Slime Helmet reach Round 2: clue: meatballs words: ""spaghetti"" Round 3: clue: Charade brigade playing ""London Bridge is falling down"" words: Bridge Figured out Afterwards: slime: Josh, Danny, Lori Beth (Mike grabbed the clue from the 1st round instead)

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