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Welcome to The Moxy Show guide at TV Tome.
The show began as a 60 minute mastepiece in 1992.this is what might be cartoon network's first original animated was originaly named Moxy. 1995- in 1995 it was renamed The moxy show and was cut down from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. 1998- in 1998 flea beacame more well known as a show character than in the previous years so it was renamed The Moxy and flea show. 1999- in 1999 it was unfortinetly removed from cartoon network entirely this was around the time when cartoon network started drafting classic cartoons onto a channel that they named boomerang. Although the show is no longer shown anywhere this is still suspected to be cartoon network's first ever original series.
Moxy- the main character of the show.he is some sort of 3-d animated dog.
Flea- Moxy's best pal. Voice actors Moxy- his voice is played by hilarious comedian Bobcat Goldwait.
Flea- his voice is played by penn J
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