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Where to watch Stepping into Rhythm (1967)
From its first telecast February 7, 1965, WVIZ-TV in Cleveland was devoted, under the 28-year leadership of president Betty Cope, to provide educational materials for schools. Among the first "TV teachers" on WVIZ was Brenda Veal. She brought tothe local public audience music education, an element so rare at any time in PBS history (think back to the short life of The Charlie Horse Music Pizza). Brenda Veal's achievements caught the attention of a company in Bloomington, Indiana called (at the time) the National Center for School and College Television. Their efforts brought Brenda Veal to a nationwide audience. The result was Stepping into Rhythm, whose two releases in 1967 and 1974 are legendary. This guide has been established to honor the 1967 edition of Stepping into Rhythm. It is the result of an exhaustive online search which yielded the print material pictured here. Episode synopses will emerge shortly.

Actors: Brenda Veal
Season 1
    Episode 3: Autumn  
    Episode 12: Toys  
    Episode 13: Snow  
    Episode 19: Clocks  
    Episode 22: Spring  
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