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John Mayer Has a TV Show features the Grammy-award winning platinum musician as host of his very own talk show. But this talk show is set on the road. Shot guerrilla-style, it's one part documentary, one part travelogue and one part sketch comedy. The show is a fast-paced half-hour that offers up an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at John's life on the road. Shot during Mayer's most recent summer tour, the show gives us a glimpse of how John spends his day when he's not singing to sold-out crowds. He takes rapper Trick Daddy on a tour of downtown Nashville. He disguises himself in a bear suit costume to get a fresh perspective on how his audience preps for his concerts in the venue parking lot. And four female fans get a shot at tweaking their favorite musician's image when he brings them in for their very own focus group. John Mayer Has A TV Show is a fast-paced, new-fangled style talk show that gives an inside look at one of our country's fastest rising young stars.

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