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Watch Young Blades online: Episode 7 Four Musketeers and a Baby

This episode is about fatherhood. D'Artagnan Jr. finds a baby that he thinks is his, and his friends at Musketeer Garrison help to take care of it. Meanwhile, the Highwayman is terrorizing people and swooning women. D'Artagnan Jr. has several interludes with him. The Queen tries to set a trap, but she catches Prince Louis in the other room with a lady acting like the Highwayman (he's dressed the part too!). The Highwayman hears the heartfelt conversation between Louis and his mother about his father, so he goes to retrieve his son from D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan Jr. and he square off ending with the Highwayman going to the gallows. Before he gets there, the Queen and Prince show up with D'Artagnan Jr. and pardon him of all his crimes in return of raising Little D. the best he can. All during this episode, you see how much D'Artagnan wants to be with Jacqueline by how he keeps hinting to her that they could be happy with the baby.

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