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After telling Maria he is going away for a course, Gethin's lies and true whereabouts are discovered by Danny, who spots him at the hospital holding a new born child. When a guilt-ridden Maria decides to break off her affair with Danny, he decides to confront his love rival about what he saw. Gethin soon confesses to the fact that he has a child from a one night-stand and that he is also in debt after having gambled away the money he stole from Leo. But Gethin isn't about to let his secret leak out to anyone else, prompting him to knock Danny out and hold him hostage while leading everyone else to believe that he has gone back to London. Meanwhile Stella goads Val into spilling all the particulars about her affair with Sam to her and the girls. When Sam realises Val has been blabbing about their intimate details, he soon tells Max about his wife making the pair of them a laughing stock. A furious Max exiles Stella from Swansea for her part in the set-up, while also announcing his wife'

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