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Watch Mine All Mine online: Episode 3 Episode 103

Following the craziness of recent events, Max decides to drop his pursuit to have his father declared insane and instead publicly hands over the ownership of Swansea to his father and his new fiancé Big Claire, the latter of whom is soon handing over the inheritance in exchange for a house, a pub and to be named Lord Mayor. This is of little concern to Max who is still struggling to cope with the knowledge of Val's affair, especially as she refuses to name the man she ran away with. But he soon finds out for himself that Sam the Egg Man was her lover and responds by pelting him with his own eggs, an exchange that is secretly observed by Maria who is shocked to learn of her mother's infidelity. Meanwhile, Danny is all set to leave Swansea now that Max has abdicated his ownership of the city but first decides to make one last ditch attempt to stop Rico from marrying Big Claire. However the visit has a less than desired outcome when Rico suffers a fatal heart attack. His death has a big i

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