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Little Brother is Watching You! Third from the right, yes Mr. 347, that's him. Bailey Kipper (played by Michael Galeota). The weird kid who has turned his life into a video diary by putting spyballs into every room, every nook and cranny, from the fridge to his big sister's bedroom. Oooer. But contrary to what you might be thinking, Bailey gets his kicks not from voyeurism per se but from being in control, recording life's little dramas and then spin doctoring them with slick editing and video effects to fit in with his own view of events. Sitting up in an attic crammed with eavesdropping electronics, the spider at the centre of a web of cams, he's obviously heading for a career as a government spook. This destiny might also explain his 24 hour surveillance of Robin: Bailey's interest may not be incestuous after all, but rather that he views his sister as a political dissident whose actions should be monitored. A promising TV series that went nowhere With its major usag
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