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Welcome to the City Slam guide at TV Tome City Slam, the hit concert series where your favorite artists perform LIVE! City Slam was originally just a special event on 601 & Drive, where, for a week, each day would feature a different city. It turned out that it only lasted that one week and only had five days of New York artists. The special eventually become a series, airing weeknights at 10:00 PM, occasionally switching time-slots with The Cheats Hour, which aired weeknights at 11:00 PM. Now in its second season, City Slam has already picked up for a special order. Not ordered for seasons, but for years! City Slam is guaranteed to air up to at least 2008! And, with the current struggle for a time-slot, one may wonder where City Slam will air these new episodes. Time will only tell... Season Orders:
Season 1 - 36 Episodes (Ended in 2004)
Season 2 - 26 Episodes (Currently airing)
Season 3 - 16 Episodes Ordered
2006 - Ordered
2007 - Ordered
2008 - O
Season 2
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