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Welcome to The Adventures of Hyperman guide at TV Tome. This show is about a naïve superhero alien sent to Earth to protect it. Not knowing much about it, he teams up with a genius Earthling. Together with his dog, they take on an interdimentional villain as well as others who wish to do bad things to the planet. The Adventures of Hyperman was a cross-promotional endeavor including the TV series, computer game, and web site. It combines crazy cartoon humor, pop culture references, and education. Each 15-minute episode has an "educational moment" given by Emma, where the wackiness is discontinued for a moment. For example, when Entrobe gets a particle accelerator, Emma explains what it really is. Moments later, she's pushed into it and split into "Good Emma" and "Bad Emma". There's also quite a bit of self-referential humor. The characters will occasionally respond to the narrator, and they are aware that there's going to be an "educational moment" each episode

Actors: Frank Welker, Steve Mackall, Max Casella, Neil Ross, Maurice LaMarche, Tamera Mowry
Genre: Animation
Season 1
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