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Student Bodies followed a group of students at Thomas A. Edison High School, who created their own student newspaper entitled Student Bodies. Each episode blends the real-life happenings at school with cartoons of how Cody, who illustrates Student Bodies, humorously sees the events. BROADCASTING
Student Bodies aired on YTV in Canada and on various networks in the US such as the WB. It currently airs, in French, as "Vice Versa" on Canada's Vrak.TV Monday-Friday at 14:30 (2:30pm).

Actors: Jennifer Finnigan, Ross Hull, Miklos Perlus, Katie Emme McIninch, Victoria Sanchez, Michelle Sweeney, Katie Emme, Nicole Lyn, Lisa Bronwyn Moore, Richard Jutras, Erin Simms, Mark Taylor, Katheryn Winnick, Jessica Goldapple, Jamie Elman
Season 1
    Episode 14: Goop  
    Episode 22: Flash  
    Episode 26: Tanya  
Season 2
Season 3
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