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Watch Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi online: Episode 12 Fan Clubs / Cat Nap / Cursed

Fan Clubs: Ami gets a gift from her fan club and Kaz says she should hide it from Yumi. Then Yumi gets one from her fan club, and Kaz says Yumi should should hide it from Ami. Then, Ami and Yumi keep getting gifts, and Kaz keeps hiding them. Will they find out about each other's fan clubs? Cat Nap: The cats' naps are interrupted by Kaz, who is having a midnight snack. The cats decide to give Kaz what he deserves, and keep him from sleeping, too. Cursed: During a concert, Ami and Yumi both break their instruments at the same time. Kaz tells them that that gives them 100 years of bad luck, and then they keep getting jinxed. Will they be able to stop getting jinxed before their bad luck lasts longer than anyone's ever lived?

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