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Watch Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi online: Episode 4 Ami Goes Bad / Robo-Pop / Metal Mental

Ami Goes Bad: When Yumi is stealing all of the spotlight by her badness, Ami gets jealous and purchases a pair of haunted sticks from the pawn shoppe, but it's Crazy Stix's Sticks, and Kaz and Yumi must get those sticks away from Ami before things get worse! Robo-Pop: Kaz orders robot-type clones of Ami & Yumi, but when he orders a whole fleet of them, it's up to Ami & Yumi to stop the robot fleet before they lose their rock-star jobs! Metal Mental: A new group playing Metal called Metal Breath comes to the Puffy bus on tour with them and Ami & Yumi must get them out before they stay only the opening band for concerts!

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