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Watch Youve Got A Friend online: Episode 8 Teri

Teri is a 22-year-old Los Angeles teacher with a lot of attitude. Her new ""friend"" Pauline is a self-proclaimed clairvoyant that can read people's auras and talk to dead relatives. Teri first meets Pauline while she is having lunch with a friend at an outdoor cafe. When Pauline shakes Teri's friend's hand, she feels bad vibes coming from her. Pauline then asks Teri to meet her inside. While inside, Pauline tells Teri that her friend is transmitting bad energy and they need to leave immediately. As Pauline and Teri drive away, Teri's friend is left to pay the bill. Over the next couple of hours, Pauline, with her weird psychic demeanor, succeeds in alienating Teri from her best friend, cousin and uncle. Later, Pauline asks Teri to climb into a dumpster and search for a broken vase that Pauline had thrown out. Teri reluctantly climbs into the dumpster and begins searching. As the stench of the trash begins to cover Teri, her boyfriend arrives to pay her a visit. Teri's boyfriend, J-mar,

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