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Watch Youve Got A Friend online: Episode 7 Jason

Jason's so-called ""friend"" Pauline shows up at Jason's house, saying that she's an old friend from New Orleans. His friends Kien and Eric are already there and are shocked that they haven't heard of Pauline before. Pauline then asks Jason to massage her feet in front of Kien and Eric. Pauline's antics really disturb Kien and Eric. Eventually, the two friends have enough and take off. Jason and Pauline head out to lunch with Ameerah, Jason's crush. Pauline dishes to Ameerah about how Jason is obsessed with her, totally in love and drinks squirrel blood to try and make Ameerah love him back. Ameerah is totally freaked out, and Jason is furious with Pauline for spoiling his chances with Ameerah. The next morning, Jason and Pauline wake up to find the front lawn covered with Pauline's old furniture. She said it was sent from New Orleans and it will have to be moved into the house. Luckily, Jason's god sister, Chamika, arrives just in time to help. She can't figure out who this Pauline-girl

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