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Watch Youve Got A Friend online: Episode 6 Erika

Erika, while having a bite to eat with her friend Ross, meets her so called new ""friend"" Frankie. Frankie is an obnoxious L.A. rocker in the fictional band ""Death Envy."" Immediately Frankie begins playing air guitar and screaming lyrics to his songs. Erika begins to feel embarrassed and wishes that their meal would come to a quick end. Frankie offers to pay for their food with his credit card. Unfortunately, Frankie's credit card is declined and Ross is left to pick up the tab. Frankie and Erika enjoy a miserable drive home from the restaurant after sticking Ross with the bill. Later, Erika invites some friends over to her place for the evening. With all of Erica's friends present, Frankie begins to play more ""Death Envy"" songs on an acoustic guitar. Afterwards, Frankie rudely asks all of Erica's friends to leave. Erika's friends clear out of the apartment. Erika, extremely angry at Frankie, yells at him for being so rude to her friends. Erika's friend Jason returns to console her and

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