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Watch Youve Got A Friend online: Episode 5 Angela

Angela is a 22-year-old control freak living in Los Angeles. She will be competing for $15,000 dollars as soon as she meets her new ""friend"" C.J. C.J. first enters Angela's life while she is having lunch with her friends Dave and Kristen. C.J. sits down at the table and immediately weirds out Kristen by asking her if she's into the ""dirty dirty."" Angry at C.J., Dave and Kristen leave the lunch table. Later, Angela meets up with one of her oldest friends, Jenny, for dinner. C.J. joins Angela and Jenny and immediately hints to Jenny that they wish to make love to her. Angela becomes embarrassed as C.J. continues to suggest to Jenny that they engage in a ""three way."" Afterwards, Kristen's ex-boyfriend Mike joins them. C.J. commands Angela to tell Mike the name of Kristen's new boyfriend. Upon hearing it, Mike begins to cry. C.J. tries to console Mike, but only results in angering in him. The next day, Angela's boyfriend Matt comes over to visit. Their private romantic moment is quickly in

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