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Watch Youve Got A Friend online: Episode 4 Episode 104

Krystal's new ""friend"" Darby arrives at Krystal's house. Immediately, Darby excitedly requests to go shopping with Krystal, her aunt and mom. While at an exclusive clothing boutique in Newport Beach, Darby stuffs a T-Shirt into Krystal's purse. Darby suddenly yells ""Run! Krystal, run!"" Krystal and Darby race out of the store and set off the shoplifting alarm, leaving Krystal's aunt and mom in shock. Afterwards at Krystal's house, Krystal and Darby talk about the day's events and the events to come. Krystal is very upset over how the game is unfolding. Later, a group of Krystal's male friends come over for dinner. During dinner, Darby starts beat boxing and makes Krystal perform some embarrassing rap lyrics: ""I'm a Krystal in heat, I freak without warning. Got an appetite for lovin', cause me so horny."" Soon after, Krystal and Darby get into a very heated argument. Krystal's friends look on with much discomfort. The next day, Krystal's boyfriend Kian pays her a friendly morning visit. D

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