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Watch Youve Got A Friend online: Episode 1 Episode 101: Jayson Storm

Jayson is a 21 year old aspiring actor living in Los Angeles, California. His life was going smoothly until he decided to try his luck for $15,000 dollars. Jayson's new ""best friend,"" Jack, is going to make his life a living hell. Jack first enters Jayson's life when the young, Hollywood wannabe is having lunch with his girlfriend, Michelle, and another female friend. Our man Jack regales the two real friends with extremely embarrassing and (completely made-up) stories about Jayson's youth. Jayson plays along--remember he's got to in order to win the cash--as Jack turns up the gross-out factor. Eventually, Jack gets Jayson to eat a booger off of his finger. Later, when Jayson leaves for the bathroom, Jack tells Michelle that Jayson had multiple threesomes and he is known to be unfaithful. Michelle is understandably shocked to hear such information about her sweet, innocent Jayson. When Jayson returns, Jack quickly grabs him and drives him off in a beat up Volvo. Michelle tries to call

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