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What is Monopoly about?
Welcome to the Monopoly guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. Merv Griffin got the rights from Parker Brothers to produce this memorable short-lived prime time summer series, produced in stereo for ABC. Three contestants competed (red/gold/green) in this crossword clue game. The first round had contestants earning properties by correctly guessing the crossword clue (if no one guessed, another toss-up was asked & the price of the property was slashed in half IE: North Carolina Ave. for $150). Then if two or all three owned a different property, it would be fought out until one player has a monopoly! Eight properties were settled. During commercial, the landlords (contestants) placed houses & hotels ($50 each no matter what area, but must build evenly) on their property(ies). Round two had the hostess toss the dice as they went around the board. When landing on a property, the own

Actors: Kathy Davis, Mike Reilly, Kathy Karges, Michelle Nichols, Charlie O'Donnell

Season 1 of Monopoly

    Episode 1: Show 1  
    Episode 2: Show 2  
    Episode 3: Show 3  
    Episode 4: Show 4  
    Episode 5: Show 5  
    Episode 6: Show 6  
    Episode 7: Show 7  
    Episode 8: Show 8  
    Episode 9: Show 9  
    Episode 10: Show 10  
    Episode 11: Show 11  
    Episode 12: Show 12  
    Episode 13: Show 13  
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