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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 10 Les Than Zero

After being humiliated by a bully in front of Sally, Les is feeling down. He wishes that he didn't have to keep his identity a secret and that he could use Zeroman's powers for his own gratification once in a while; he's just too darn good all the time. The next time he takes the poop chute down to the Nerve Center something goes awry. Ty is battling a computer virus that Gary let into the system, when the alarms go berserk. In a flash of Zeroman pops out of the poop chute. Not just one Zeroman but two Zeromans! On one Zeroman the coloring of his costume is reversed and his white hair has turned jet black. He is suspiciously arrogant and rude. The second Zeroman is even more pale and timid than the original! Ty deduces that the virus has split Zeroman in two, producing a Good and Evil Zeroman. Before they can control the situation the Evil Zeroman takes off to wreak havoc on Fair City. Good Zeroman is totally useless, being too kind to confront his evil half, so its up to Gar

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