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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 9 Zman of Alcatruss

It's a glamorous night in Fair City during its annual awards ceremony, the Fairies, in recognition of the city's most honorable citizens. Having already won everything else, Zeroman makes his way to the stage to collect yet another ""Fairy"", the one for Criminal Capture. Suddenly, as he is just about to begin his final speech, Zeroman is apprehended and charged with outrageous crimes including insider trading and illegal puppy training. He's rushed off to prison where he thinks everyone is his friend. Vowing to be the perfect inmate, Zeroman leaves it to Ty to get to the bottom of the hero frame-up. In jail, Zeroman gets a rough welcome, and soon learns that to avoid being beat by 'em, you'd better join 'em, and fast. He is quickly taken in by Rusty and his goons, Don & Ron who trick Zeroman into digging an escape tunnel by convincing the hero that he is innocently providing his pet rat with a natural habitat. Rusty plans a big riot to distract the prison guards during the jai

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